DemosNews: The Plan

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This is DemosNews: a pot-pourri of news articles, opinions & editorials, and creative pieces that are authored, viewed, judged, and rewarded by people like you. Demos is about the democratization of the media. It is about seizing a platform for expression, presenting the novel and interesting...

It is a simple concept. Paper media are ceding to the speed, the freedom from massive media conglomerates’ tight prism, and the richness of output (and input) the web engenders. Unlike blogs, which can often narrow and rant, Demos foresees a cooperative effort at broadness and variety.  Some contributors will be journalists, some businessmen or aid workers with a strong opinion, some young people struggling to chip in to the world, some older persons with the insight of time, some poets, some home cooks, some rich in travelers’ tales.

We expect to prod a funny bone, comment on style, have a scientist or birder or internet savant attract a following.  Flexibility and freshness will be incentive for contributors to thrive in many ways and become known to a completely unexpected audience.  Through the links that follow many of the articles, readers can spiral outward to myriad related essays, references, and organizations—one of the great beauties of the web.

We begin with a small, invited, core membership in order to hone standards of tone, honesty, quality and interest. We’ve structured internal mechanisms at Demos to encourage a sense of community among contributors, so that we become a vibrant, interactive entity, not just a catch-all. Eventually, we aim to open the site broadly, so that it truly becomes a democratic expression of input and reality.

For you who wish to reshape the way the world is viewed, welcome to DemosNews.